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Message from The President:

             Hello and Welcome!  I am hopeful that this letter finds you, your families and staff well.  As we prepare for 2013, we are excited about the meeting in which the KDLA is anxious about.  The KDLA has joined partners with Ohio and Indiana to present The Mid-America Dental Technical Symposium (MADTS). 

                  We look forward to bringing the symposium to life in the upcoming months.  The symposium will have a totally new look and feel to it.  Our clinicians, speakers and sponsors are as excited about this new venture as we are.  Please look for new information to be posted on our website in the upcoming months.

            We are also in the process of reevaluating our position with the State of Kentucky with regards to our registration efforts through the assistance of the NADL, Mr. Eric Thorne, ESQ.  By the KDLA being a member of the NADL, we have great access to the many resources being offered.  Mr. Eric Thorne, ESQ specializes in legislation, so he has been a great asset to us and especially the NADL.  We look forward to continuing our working relationship with him.

            There are a lot of new and exciting things happening in the upcoming months and I am excited to see the direction the KDLA is taking.  I will keep you informed with any pertinent information that needs to be passed on.  I wish you and all of your staff and families a safe and happy holiday season. 


 Wm. Chris Schnell Jr.



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Officers of the KDLA:

President: Wm. Chris Schnell, CDT

               - President/Owner: Precision Dental Laboratory, Inc.

                                               Fort Thomas, Ky 41075


Secretary/Treasurer: Douglas C. Wagner, CDT

               - President/Owner: Weber Dental Laboratory, Inc.

                                               Fort Thomas, Ky 41075




The KDLA has partnered with Marathon Processing Systems, a dental lab specialist in credit card processing! As our new alliance partner, Marathon has agreed to provide KDLA Members with wholesale credit card processing rates, elimination of all unnecessary Non-Compliant or “Junk Fees”, and complimentary credit card processing software. Contact Rick Hannon directly at 800-386-0711 extension 172, or take the “Marathon Challenge” and fax your most recent MC/VISA merchant statement to 913-888-0598 for a free side-by-side analysis.